Christine Dower

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Christine is a litigation and regulatory compliance attorney who concentrates her practice within the Alcohol Beverage and Cannabis Industries. As a member of the Firm’s Chambers-ranked Alcohol Regulatory & Distribution Group, Christine counsels industry clients on trade practice issues, tied-house compliance, state franchise law, state and federal licensing, e-commerce, distribution agreements, third-party alcohol delivery for sale of beer, wine and spirits and other alcohol beverages. Christine also conducts alcohol and cannabis regulatory due diligence for corporate restructures, mergers and acquisitions.Read Christine Dower's full bio.

TTB Ramps Up Tax Audits and Enforcement

By , and on Mar 19, 2024
Posted In Alcohol Excise Taxes, Enforcement, Licensing

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau’s (TTB) Office of Field Operations is responsible for ensuring industry members comply with the Federal Alcohol Administration Act, the Internal Revenue Code and all related regulations. It is divided into three groups: the Trade Investigations Division (TID), the Tax Audit Division (TAD) and the Intelligence Division. Many...

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Navigating Hemp THC Beverages

By and on Mar 4, 2024
Posted In Cannabis, Food Safety and FDA

Nonalcoholic beverages infused with delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) derived from hemp (aka intoxicating hemp beverages) are becoming increasingly popular for consumers looking for an alternative to alcohol. With major alcohol retailers like Total Wine entering the cannabis space, alcohol beverage producers may be looking for opportunities to leverage their existing experience in manufacturing, marketing and distributing...

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Alcohol Industry M&A: Common Pitfalls for Founders (and Avoiding Them) Part One: Formulas and Processes

By and on Oct 30, 2023
Posted In Transactions, TTB COLAs and Formulas

Given the continued strength of the US alcoholic beverage market, the alcohol industry presents numerous opportunities for acquisitions, investments and other strategic transactions from a wide variety of players. These range from small craft start-ups to larger strategic buyers, as well as investors of all shapes and sizes. In such a highly regulated industry, however,...

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Non-Alcoholic Beer Regulation 101

By and on Jun 25, 2020
Posted In Advertising and Marketing, Distribution, Food Safety and FDA, Legislation, TTB COLAs and Formulas

As part of the general move to better-for-you beverages, non-alcoholic (NA) options have been and will likely continue to be on the rise. However, how NA is treated, or not treated, as “beer” has significant impact on its potential route to market. The below summarizes the overall treatment of NA beer under US federal law,...

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